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Safe environments - physical and online

If I were the manager I would... “help them learn, show them around, tell them the places they can go to and not. Give them a smile.” 8 year-old young person

National Principle 8: Physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing while minimising the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed.

Creating safer environments draws on crime prevention research that emphasises reducing opportunities for potential offending behaviours by making the crime more risky and increasing the effort to commit crime.1

Child safe and friendly organisations will consider how their physical and online spaces are designed or adjusted to increase child safety while also supporting the healthy development of children and young people and positive interactions. Amongst other measures, organisations should develop risk management plans that address physical and online risks, including risks arising from child to child and adult to child interactions and the state and nature of physical spaces.

Children have the right to get information that is important to their wellbeing from radio, newspapers, books, computers and other sources. Adults should make sure that the information children get is not harmful, and help them find and understand the information they need. (Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 17)

Commissioner's resources

National Principles for Child Safe Organisations WA: Guidelines

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National resources

Checklist of online safety - Australian Human Rights Commission

Resources for educators - Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Other resources and examples

Guidelines for photographing children - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Kidsafe WA - Information and services to promote safety and prevent childhood injuries and accidents in WA.

R U Legal – Legal Aid WA. Advice and education for parents and young people about cyberbullying, sexting, image based abuse.

Risk management - NSW Office of the Children's Guardian

Risk management and mitigation - Commissioner for Children and Young People Victoria

Social media -  Play by the Rules

ThinkUKnow online safety - Australian Federal Police and partners

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  1. Wortley RK and Smallbone SW 2006, Situational Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Criminal Justice Press, New York, USA.