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Chela (Betty)

About me

  1. I'm very proud of how we all unite and try to accept, and respect our differences, mainly young people.
  2. The concerns I have in my community is that mostly the adults find it hard to accept others differences.
  3. The role that young people can play is, put away each other's differences because in order to change you have to have mutual respect.
  4. After high school I want to become a Neonatal Nurse.
  5. I want to pursue this career because I absolutely love children, and just helping people in general. I've always wanted to give back to the community and what better way than to heal others.

My interview with Aysher, Registered Nurse

Short biography

I work in the medical field as a registered nurse. I work in the nursing field because I love to help people and be able to give some a second chance at life. When you're a RN, you have to be ready at what life throws at you.

The thing I enjoy most about my job is that I'm helping someone. I also love that I meet so many different people, though some may not be pleasant. Ever since I was younger I have always loved to help others. Nursing was one career that involved that.

Being a nurse is not the easiest. The challenges such as preparing to do an overnight shift, dealing with patients who are on drugs, dealing with patients who are rude and racist, has all built me to be the great nurse I am today.

A good leader is someone who does something and it will influence others in a positive way. Someone who many can look up to when they need. My strengths as a leader is that I'm very caring, patient and kind. I evaluate the decisions I am about to make because I know that I have others looking up to me, so being careless is not an option.

Advice to young people

I would remind myself that no one is going to support you if you don't support yourself. Don't listen to what others say, don't put aside your dreams because people think you won't make it. Use your weakness as your strengths.

Go for it! If you have a strong heart that can deal with different people, then do it. To be a nurse requires so much mental training rather than physical. Make sure that you're confident in what you say and do. Don't lead others into the wrong way.

Advice on cross-cultural solutions

  1. The issues in our community are that our young children and teens aren't being given much guidance.
  2. Cross-cultural solutions are important because there's so much culture.
  3. You could support young leaders, and Aboriginal leadership by encouraging them, and helping them achieve their dream.
  4. To work together the best, you have to have a foundation built on respect and You have to be open minded when it comes to each other's cultures and religions.