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Paulina Motlop - Department of Education

Please note Paulina Motlop works externally to the Commissioner's office.

My name is Paulina Motlop, I am the Director of the Aboriginal Education Teaching and Learning Directorate at the Western Australian Department of Education. 

I have taught and led in schools in Darwin before joining the University of Western Australia as an Assistant Professor within the School of Indigenous Studies.

Mum is of the Kungarakan and Yanyuwa First Nation peoples of the Northern Territory and Dad is non-Aboriginal whose family grew up in and around Cottesloe and Mosman Park.

I am focused on transforming the understanding and sharing the strength of Indigenous knowledges, values and being, and valuing the importance of equity and diversity as strengths and a resource in individuals, schools and communities.

My advice to young people would be: Look into the future with hope and enjoy and cherish the present….. you belong and you are connected, you have purpose. Find the ‘you’…….identify your strengths and build on them…..nourish and maintain important relationships with young people and adults in your life and look back on your life with a sense of accomplishment. I did it, and I did it well.