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Age group 6 to 11 years


Children aged 6 to 11 years, experience significant changes in their cognitive and physical abilities, which are supported by an increased focus on learning and participation through primary school, or equivalent.

Throughout this age group children are generally increasing their independence from their parents as relationships with friends, peers and teachers become more important. Children in this age group are also learning how to gain control over their emotions in different social surroundings, such as at school, with other children and with other adults. 


In the above table data for each indicator has been categorised as having good data availability when it is available on a regular basis (e.g. annually or biennially), provides some disaggregation by various characteristics and is of consistent quality to enable some form of trend analysis. Positive trends highlight any areas where many of WA’s children and young people are doing well or improving, while areas of concern outlines key areas which require attention and action.