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Complaints systems

The Commissioner has a statutory responsibility to monitor the way government agencies deal with complaints made by children and young people.

The Commissioner works to ensure all children and young people feel supported in raising a complaint with a government agency.


Child Friendly Complaints Guidelines

Guidelines to assist organisations to support children and young people to make a complaint or raise a concern.

Child-focused complaint handling - Core components 2019

The core components of a child-focused complaints system, extracted from the Commissioner's Monitoring of complaints systems report.

Monitoring of complaints systems report

The Commissioner's report from a survey of government agencies about their complaints systems and the complaints they have received from children and young people.

Oversight of services for children and young people in Western Australia

Oversight of services for children and young people in Western Australia


Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System, February 2020

The Commissioner provided recommendations to the Inquiry into Australia's Family Law System.

Complaints Guidelines - examples

To respect and protect children and young people, and to provide opportunities for organisational improvement, it is vital that all organisations have complaints systems that are accessible and responsive to children and young people.

The Commissioner has developed guidelines on how to make complaints processes child friendly.

The guidelines include examples of the great work occurring around Western Australia. Further projects are detailed on the participation examples page.

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